"God Never Intended For You To Be A Failure!"

God's Will For You Is To
Be Happy & Successful In
Every Area Of Your Life!




If your life is not where you want it to be right now; if you lack the self confidence that you should have as a child of God;  if you're not living life with purpose and meaning; if you want to learn how to really be happy and successful in life, then you need to listen to "Mike's Pep Talks for Christians Volume I."

These short, 3 - 5 minute  Pep Talks on audio CD will show you how you can achieve the happiness and success that you truly desire.

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From: Michael A. Verdicchio

Dear Believer,

It really breaks my heart to see Christians struggling in so many areas of their lives.

With God as your Father, nothing should be stopping you from having what He has promised: that He would give you - the desires of your heart!

"Mike's Pep Talks for Christians Volume I" will show you how you can be a happy and successful Christian!

Now, you're probably skeptical, and I don't blame you. But let me give you three reasons why I can back up what I am claiming.

Three Reasons To Believe What I Say

Reason one: I have been a Christian minister for over 25 years.

Reason two: I have produced Christian products for over two decades, both live and recorded.

Reason three: I have almost 30 years of radio broadcasting experience.

Here is a brief summary of the benefits you receive

  • Greater confidence in your prayer life.

  • Timeless biblically based truths and principles that work.

  • Keys and principles that you can begin applying immediately.

  • Applying what you hear, you too can get results, just like thousands and thousands of people have over the centuries.

  • You will have the simple but powerful tools to help you in your relationship with God, your marriage, your children, your finances - all areas of your life.

  • Professionally voiced and recorded on CD.

  • Listen at home, in the car, or wherever you are.

  • Get the "boost" you need in just minutes.

So, what can you expect to hear on "Mike's Pep Talks for Christians Volume I?"

Find out why it is God's will for Christians to be happy and successful.

Why it is so critical in being successful to know what God has to say.

You will learn how to let go of the past and get rid of the guilt.

You're going to discover great keys and principles on receiving prosperity from God into your life.

You will find out what happy and successful Christians say when they talk to themselves.

You'll discover a simple key you can use in the morning to have a successful day.

You will find out who you really are and why it is so very important who you think you are.

And that's just a part of CD 1- there's lots more on that CD, plus plenty more on CD 2!

See how big God really is.
Learn how you can live your life without any lack.
Find out why what you accept as true plays a vital roll in your success as a Christian.
Discover how to overcome your fears.
See clearly that happy and successful Christians do not rely on luck or fate.

These 2 CD's, with 20 Pep Talks on each CD are loaded with over 2 hours of keys and principles that will show you how to be a successful Christian in every area of your life! This is a very unique product!

But Wait, There's Even More!!

You also get a BONUS CD - with 10 more Pep Talks! On this special BONUS CD for Pep Talks for Christians Volume I, you'll discover how important your attitude really is; you'll find out what your age has to do with you being successful; you'll discover how to really stay focused on your goals and dreams; you'll hear some keys to help you save time; plus lots more!

Perhaps in the future sometime I might sell it individually, but right now you get this CD as a BONUS CD!

So, yes, that's right; you are going to get a total of 50 Pep Talks!

With the 2 regular CD's, and the BONUS CD, you will receive a total of 50 Pep Talks - that's over 3 hours!

Before I let you hear and read what others are saying, let me give you a little more information about me and about the Pep Talks.

First of all, the keys and principles that I will share with you on "Mike's Pep Talks for Christians Volume I," are based on solid biblical principles; that's why they have worked for me, time and time again, and, they can work for you too if you apply them. This is not just another "positive thinking" routine.

I have spent over 30 years studying and teaching the Bible. I have been an ordained minister for over 25 years.

I have an extensive background in public speaking and audio production. I did my very first live radio show over 35 years ago. I have been the voice on numerous productions over the years, both Christian and secular projects. God has blessed me with a wonderful voice and I have learned how to use it.

So, when you add my biblical background, as well as my natural ability and technical abilities, you can be assured that you are going to receive one of the finest and most unique Christian products on the market today!

But Most Importantly

But the most important, and frankly the most exciting thing to me is that you are going to receive something that will help you, encourage you, and, show you how to be a successful Christian in every area of your life! Your success is my goal!

Listen to Joan Vail, Homemaker from Colorado Springs, CO...


Listen to Regina Coffman, Homemaker from Albuquerque, NM...

Listen to Chris Peterson, Laron Incorporated, Peoria, AZ...

Listen to Betty Winn, Realtor, Prescott Valley, AZ...

Listen to Dave Winn, Realtor, Prescott Valley, AZ...


And, Here are Some Excerpts from Emails I Have Received...

Hi Mike:
Good morning! These Pep Talks are fabulous. We are really enjoying them and thank you. Each one is a wealth of information and could turn into quite an expanded teaching from God's Word. And each one has such a message to anyone who has ears to hear. God bless, Love,
- J

I have thoroughly enjoyed the pep talks and the attitude and heart they project. I pray for your continued success in all that you do.
Love in Christ,
- Warren

I have been very blessed to hear them, as soon as I get to work to start my work day.
- Jessi

You have a wonderful ability to build up and encourage others
- Karry

First, I would like to say that these Pep Talks are very inspirational and I love listening to them every morning to start my day. Keep up the great work. You are truly an inspiration to a lot of people.
- Frank

I really enjoyed those peptalks. I listened to them all on the way home the day I got them. Now, I play one a day for my girls on the way to school.
- Michelle

I was walking around campus with my iPod today getting inspired! It was cool!
- Mike

Statue or pigeon was really funny! and then, really inspiring. Thanks for the pep talks.
- Paula

I am soooo blessed by these peptalks. God is so good! Thanks again. Keep up the wonderful work and inspiration. I believe anyone who has these is going to experience a complete transformation over time mentally from the old man vs the new man. Thanks.
- Nancy


There are a lot of products out there with people claiming that they can help you. DO NOT buy any of them, including, "Mike's Pep Talks for Christians Volume I," unless they meet the following 4 criteria:

They are based on solid, proven, biblical keys and principles (not just a collection of things that might work).

They are presented by someone who has actually applied the keys and principles successfully (not just someone who is trying to present some nice things that they have heard about).

They are presented by someone who has the voice and the experience in recording to present the material (not just someone who likes to hear himself talk).

They are professional quality recordings (instead of a low quality, poor recording that is hard to listen to).

You are going to receive more than your money's worth!

"Mike's Pep Talks for Christians Volume I" has over 3 hours of proven, solid, biblical keys and principles that show you how to be a successful Christian, in every area of your life. They are simple keys and methods that you can start using the minute you hear them!

These are powerful, timeless principles that I have been using and teaching for years that can absolutely be the catalyst that changes your life!

Now obviously as a minister I speak and teach at many places without charge. However, I am also paid to speak at various meetings, seminars, and conferences.  But the great news is that you will pay only a fraction of what it would cost to contract me for your conference. And, you will have it all on CD's to listen to over and over again!

Here's What You Get

You get 2 CD's with 20 Pep Talks on each. You also get the BONUS CD, with 10 more Pep Talks. I have written, produced and professionally recorded every single Pep Talk!

So you get a total of 50 Pep Talks; over 3 hours of "Mike's Pep Talks for Christians Volume I!"


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If You're Still Undecided, Let Me Get Real Honest

I think the time is long overdue for Christians to stop struggling to get by; to stop living life with lack in so many categories; to stop making excuses and blaming God for their lack by saying, "Well God must have a reason for this or that."

It Is High Time For All That To Stop!

God is your Father and He loves you! Nothing should be stopping you from having what He has already promised you - the desires of your heart!

The Bible says that the born again Christian is more than a conqueror!

When are we going to start believing it?

When are we going to stand up and take charge of our thoughts and our actions and claim success in all categories of life?

Why not today?

"Mike's Pep Talks for Christians Volume I" will show you how!

As a Christian minister, let me tell you that my sincere desire for you is success in every area of your life.  The world will continue to challenge your faith, but you can be living life with self confidence, purpose and meaning! These Pep Talks have inspired others and I know they will be an inspiration to you too!

Our God said in the Bible that you are more than a conqueror; that He is able to do exceeding, abundantly above all that you could ask or think; that He would give you the desires of your heart; that He wishes above all things that you would prosper and be in health!  You are a child of God and those are His promises to you!

Order "Mike's Pep Talks for Christians Volume I" today, and let me show you how to be a happy and successful Christian!


May our loving God bless you abundantly,

Michael A. Verdicchio



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